Where to park in Venice

Where to park in Venice

As you know, there are no cars in Venice and the streets in the city are no bigger than the sidewalks. The city is built on a hundred or so islets, with 177 canals and four hundred bridges, and is practically the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds a certain charm to the visit, but the driver must bear in mind that if he decides to arrive in Venice by car he must in fact park outside the city and be patient.

The complex transport system in Venice, by land and by water, is regulated in a specific way, for example the transport by water shows the application of rules similar to that used for roads, called ZTL zones or speed limits to avoid above all the reduction of wave motion; the terrestrial one applies in view of the initial fact that all cars do not go beyond Piazzale Roma, just beyond the Ponte della Libertà (Bridge of Liberty), the only access to Venice from the mainland.

The Liberty Bridge (almost 4 km of road connects) connects the mainland with the two rest stops of the city, which are Piazzale Roma and the island Tronchetto and (in order of proximity to the historic center) to which we add the mainland in the area of Mestre. These three zones are the only ones where it is allowed to pass by road and then park. It is to represent the only way of access with the mainland (called Mestre).

There are three main parking areas: Piazzale Roma, Isola Tronchetto, Mestre.

Area Piazzale Roma in Venice

The area has several car parks, including the municipal garage, the largest in Europe as it has been called. The area is also the terminus of the urban and suburban bus lines and interchange hub between buses, trams, tourist coaches and taxis, and lagoon services (water buses and motorboats), plus the People Mover, shuttle system directly connected with the other parking section of the island Tronchetto in about 3 minutes. From Piazzale Roma it is also possible to reach the historic centre on foot, from Ponte Tre Ponti, or from Ponte Papadopoli, or from the more famous Ponte della Costituzione (that of Calatrava, for instance) which is also connected to the Venezia Santa Lucia train station and the ferry terminal. Below is a list of local car parks:

Autorimessa Comunale A.V.M. S.p.A.
GPS 45°26'19.75" N - 12°19'01.71" AND
Piazzale Roma
Sestriere Santa Croce 496
30135 - Venice
Tel. 041-2722394 and 041-2722395
User office: 041-2722387; fax. 041-2722378

2,182 parking spaces and 300 motorbike parking spaces (spread over 6 floors, 10 rooms and 2 terraces)

Daily transit only cars [height less than or equal to m. 2,20]

Rates: from 26€ for 12 hours during the day, 35€ for 24 hours. Evening rate € 15: reserved only for occasional transits made in the time slot 17.00 - 05.00

The parking space booked online, at least 3 days in advance, is entitled to a discount, in addition to the guarantee of finding the place. Reservations only from the official website here: Venice parking reservations.

Parcheggio Sant'Andrea

C/O Autorimessa Comunale A.V.M. S.p.A.

Rio Terà S. Andrea

Sestriere Santa Croce 496

30135 - Venezia         

Tel. 041-2722394 e 041-2722395

Ufficio utenza: 041-2722387; fax. 041-2722378

All'interno dell'Autorimessa è situato il parcheggio Sant'Andrea (accesso da Rio Terà S. Andrea), ideale per chi desidera parcheggiare solo per poche ore, tariffa da € 7,00 ogni 2 ore  (veicoli altezza massima consentita m. 2,00)

Parking Sant'Andrea

C/O Autorimessa Comunale A.V.M. S.p.A.

Rio Terà S. Andrea

Sestriere Santa Croce 496

30135 - Venice

Tel. 041-2722394 and 041-2722395

User office: 041-2722387; fax. 041-2722378

Inside the garage is located the parking Sant'Andrea (access from Rio Terà S. Andrea), ideal for those who want to park only for a few hours, fee from € 7.00 every 2 hours (vehicles maximum height allowed m. 2.00)

Parking San Marco
Garage San Marco Venice
Piazzale Roma 467/F - 30135 Venice
Tel. +39 041-5232213 / +39 041-5235101
Fax +39 041-5289969
900 seats, located next to the municipal garage Booking Garage San Marco-Venezia
Daily rate 24h, € 32,00 (max. height mt 2.10) / Van/Minibus
Daily rate 24h, € 40,00 (max. height mt 2.10)
Motorcycle Daily rate 24h, € 18.00
Evening rate: €15 euro from 17:00 to 4:00
Bike fare: 24h € 10,00.


AutoPark Doge
Rio Terà Sant'Andrea / Piazzale Roma
Sestr. Santa Croce, 467E, 30135 Venezia VE
Tel: 0039 0415202489

Parking at the Hotel Ca Doge, applies a rate per hour: 4.50 € the first hour for all types of cars. The following hours 4€ for a maximum of 35€ for 24 hours for cars and 45€ for Van, Suv and Monovolume. Motorcycles have an hourly rate of 2€ and a maximum of 20€ for 24 hours.

Garage Venezia by Girardi Mauro & C. Snc
Piazzale Roma 466/G
Sestr. Santa Croce, 30135 Venezia VE
Tel. 041 522 87 25

Parking NCC (only Rental With Driver)
Rio Terà Sant'Andrea, 460, 30135 Venice VE
Reserved for NCC cars
Open, next to the parking lot Bus of Piazzale Roma

Area Isola di Tronchetto

It is located in an area adjacent to Piazza Roma, on a small island along the axis of the motorway network. It is also the seat of the public transport company. It consists of several parking lots, a tourist terminal and waterbus terminal that connect the area with the most famous historic center of Venice (San Marco and Rialto and also the Lido).

Parking Isola Nova del Tronchetto, 33/m
30135 Venice VE
Tel 041 520 7555
Total number of seats: 3957 / Disabled seats: 33 / Motorcycle seats: 60
Maximum height 2.1 m
Located next to the vaporetto stop to and from San Marco and in front of the People Mover (direct shuttle to Piazzale Roma in just 2 minutes and to the Maritime Station and the Port of Venice)

Area cheaper than parking in Piazzale Roma
Rates: from 21€ per 24h, also per hour: 1h to €3
There are 4 parking spaces marked in yellow.
From Tronchetto you can also reach the historic centre of Venice with the vaporetto Line 2 or with the bus Line 6.

Venice Tronchetto Bus and Camper Parking
Isola Nuova del Tronchetto, 30135 Venice
For buses, campers, minivans
Total places; 500
Rates: from 0 to 30 minutes 3€ / from 30 minutes to 12 hours or fraction 25€ / Every 12 hours or fraction: 18€

Parking area Mestre
You may prefer to park in Mestre, on the mainland, then before the Ponte della Libertà. Surely there is a saving and the comfort is guaranteed by a bus service that arrives directly at the station Santa Lucia in Venice in a few minutes.

Parking Candiani
Piazzale Candiani
Mestre - Venice
Tel. 041 - 985616
Open from 06.45 to 01.30
(vehicle height less than or equal to 2.00 m)
Seats: 105 seats + 154 for subscribers
Rates: from €2 hour; from €12 daily /disabled: free parking

Parking area San Giuliano Park
In the mainland, near Forte Marghera area. Management AVM. There are three rest areas plus a caravan park. The areas are at the entrances of the Park (Porta Blu and Porta Rossa) and one at the entrance Porta Gialla, plus the caravan park. The Porta Rossa and Porta Blu parking areas are open every day from 6.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m. (no parking and transit outside these hours). Areas are subject to payment from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

The parking of motorhomes and camper vans is allowed in S. Giuliano Porta Gialla, but only at the Caravan Park.

Rates: first 3 hours free* / 4 hours € 2,00 / 5 hours € 4,50 / 6 hours € 8,00 / over 6 hours (until closing) € 12,00 per day.
Buses to and from Venice (lines 5, 12, 19, and 24), whose stop can be reached on foot in about 5 minutes. Waterbus tickets can be purchased on board; bus tickets can be purchased before boarding authorized resellers.

Parcheggio Ca' Marcello / Stazione ferroviaria Mestre

via Ca' Marcello

Mestre - Venezia

14 posti riservati ai transiti giornalieri

90 posti per gli abbonati

ore 06:00 alle ore 24:00

A pagamento (€ 0,80 all'ora) soli giorni feriali dal 10/10/2015 al 31/12/2018 dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 13:00 e dalle ore 15:00 alle ore 20:00

Park Costa Mestre
via A. Coast n. 15 in Mestre - Venice. Coast n. 15 in Mestre - Venice
GPS 45.490297, 12.242540

Unsupervised basement for cars only (total capacity: 302 parking spaces, 8 of which are reserved for disabled people). The car park is a few hundred meters from the tram in Via Antonio Lazzari, from where you can then get to Piazzale Roma in Venice in about 15 minutes.

Exchanger car parks outside Venice
Managed by AVM Azienda Veneziana della Mobilità S.p.A.
Offices in Mestre
Piazzale Candiani, 34 - 30170 - Mestre Venezia
Tel. 041-976844 Fax 041-5054687

P1 - Marghera B
via Trieste - località Marghera (VE) Free of charge

P2 - S. Maria dei Battuti
via S. Maria dei Battuti - locality Mestre (VE) Intermodal payment

P3 - Miranese B
via Oriago (corner with via Miranese) - locality Chirignago - (VE) free of charge

P4 - Bean A
via Altinia - Favaro Veneto (VE) free of charge

P5 - Castellana A
via Castellana (under the ring road) - Mestre (VE) Intermodal with fee

P6 - Terrace A
via Borgo Pezzana (corner via Terraglio) - Mestre (VE) free of charge

P7 - Miranese A
via Miranese (under the ring road) - Mestre (VE) free of charge

P8 - Snipers A
via Bella (near Auchan) - Mestre (VE) free of charge

P9 - Bean B
via Buozzi (S.S. 14 bis intersection via S. Donà) free of charge

P10 - Gazzera (check if operational)
via della Montagnola s.n. C/O flyover of Justice) -Mestre (VE) free of charge

P11 - Trivignano D
via Ca' Lin - locality Trivignano (VE) free of charge

P12 - Bean C
via Triestina (near the tram terminal) Favaro V.to (VE) free of charge

P13 - Trivignano B
via Castellana (near the corner of via Lippi) - Trivignano (VE) free of charge

P14 - Trivignano C
via Castellana (near the corner of via Vassillacchi) - Trivignano (VE) free of charge

P 16 - Trivignano A: via Castellana (C/O roundabout via Olmo) - Trivignano (VE) free of charge

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