Costantino Barbella Museum in Chieti

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Costantino Barbella Museum in Chieti


Located in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Martinetti-Bianchi in Chieti, the Costantino Barbella Museum, founded in the seventies of the last century, collects works of art dating from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, collected thanks to large donations of contemporary artists and works from churches and convents in the surrounding area. It is named after the sculptor Costantino Barbella (XIX century), of whom it exhibits terracotta sculptures representing characters and scenes from the agricultural world of Abruzzo. There is a fresco detached from the Sienese school, which depicts a Madonna and Child (XIV century), the table with Saint attributed to Francesco da Montereale (XVI century) and the preparatory drawing for the Massacre of the Innocents by Luca Giordano.

Barbella ChietiThere are also works by six-seventeenth-century landscape designers, Raffaele Ferrara and Nicola De Laurentis, neoclassical theatine artists, and in 800 the works of Filippo Palizzi, Basilio Cascella and Paolo Michetti. The museum also has a collection of contemporary works from the different editions of the Michetti Prize (established in 1947). The collection of majolica tiles from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, made by the Castelli manufactures, is of great importance.

Barbella ChietiThis beautiful collection is divided into 5 sections: paintings from the fifteenth to nineteenth century, Barbella's sculptures, drawings on paper, paintings of the Michetti Prize and majolica of Castelli. In the first section dedicated to painting, there are frescoes from the destroyed church of San Domenico in Chieti, some paintings from the 15th century, a large group of Neapolitan canvases (XVII-XVIII century) and paintings from the 19th century, including the works of the abruzzesi Cascella and Michetti.

Orario di visita: martedì e giovedì h 9.00-13.00 e 16.00-19.00;

 mercoledì, venerdì e sabato h 9.00-13.00; ogni prima domenica del mese h 9.00-12.00;

chiuso lunedì e domenica.


In the second part of the exhibition there are sculptures by Chieti Costantino Barbella: sketches and terracottas representing the agro-pastoral world, and some bronzes, including the funerary sculpture "Death".


In the third part we find works on paper from the 18th-XIXth century; it ranges from the scenographic sketches of Bibiena to watercolours that reproduce the typical costumes of Abruzzo.

In the fourth section, works from the Michetti National Prize of Painting by Francavilla a Mare (CH) and the Paglione donation, dedicated to contemporary art, are exhibited in rotation.

In the last room there is a collection of majolica tiles dedicated to the most important exponents of ceramic production.


Palazzo Martinetti Bianchi. Via C. De Lollis, 10.
Tel. 0871 330873.

Visiting hours: Tuesday and Thursday at 9.00 a. m. - 13.00 a. m. and 4.00 p. m. - 7.00 p. m.;
 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9.00 a. m. - 13.00 a. m.; every first Sunday of the month at 9.00 a. m. -12.00 a. m.;
closed Monday and Sunday.

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