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Nature, art and culture in Chieti

Located on a ridge along the Pescara Chieti river valley, it still preserves tangible evidence of the history of the past. Inglobati in the dwellings there are wide stretches of the walls and, brought to light with recent excavations, the remains of temples (archaeological area of Civitella), the buildings for entertainment and thermal structures with a cistern, powerful work of hydraulic engineering, dating from the second century. a. C. until the middle of the imperial age.


During the medieval period, numerous structures were built, among which the Cathedral of S. Giustino stands out, built on an older building of worship, whose structures are partly visible in the crypt. The façade and the right side, the one overlooking the square, are the work of architect Guido Cirilli. The bell tower, adorned with ogival mullioned windows, was started by Bartholomew of Giacomo and was completed by Antonio da Lodi in the XIV century. The portal gives access to a sumptuous interior with a Latin cross and three naves. There are many altarpieces and paintings of the period, preserved on the altars. Visible also the remains of frescoes from the 12th and 13th centuries. Rich and precious is the treasure trove with the gilded silver chalice, a work of Venetian art from the 15th century, the illuminated Missal Borgia and the silver statue of the Madonna del Popolo of the Neapolitan school from the 17th century.
The churches of S. Domenico and S. Francesco also deserve special attention. Among the civil buildings, the Municipal Palace of neoclassical forms stands out, which preserves evidence of the original Palazzo Valignani of 1517 and the Palace of Justice in a pseudo-Gothic style. In the immediate vicinity there is Tetro Marrucino and, on the left, Palazzo Martinetti of the eighteenth century, where there is the Provincial Picture Gallery "Costantino Barbella", which preserves some of the most beautiful paintings by Francesco Paolo Michetti, such as Portrait of a sculptor, Prima nidiata.


In the elegant nineteenth-century villa Frigeri, located in the lush municipal villa is the National Archaeological Museum of Abruzzo, which preserves the most important collection of Abruzzo Archaeology (Guerriero di Capestrano, Ercole Cubans di Alba Fucens, Ercole Curino di Sulmona).
In the territory of Chieti, in Madonna del Freddo, there have been found testimonies that confirm the presence of man in those areas starting from the Paleolithic period.


Museums in Chieti

Abruzzo National Archaeological Museum
Villa Comunale - tel. 0871.331668,0871.330955, fax 0871.41929
email address

Art Museum "Costantino Barbella" art museum
Via C. de Lollis 10 - Tel: 0871.330873, fax 0871.349961
website address

Museum of Biomedical History of Sciences
Via dei Vestini 31 - Tel 0871.3556049
Expositions on the history of pathologies, origin and evolution of life on earth and on the evolution of mankind. tel. 0871.540194 / 540187 tel/fax 0871.3556049
email address

Diocesan Museum Theatine
C. Sister Marrucino 133 - Tel. 0871,35911,0871,330734

Civitella Archaeological Complex
Via G. Pianell - Tel. 0871.63137, fax 0871.405148
website e-mail address



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