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What to eat in Chieti - Where to eat in Chieti

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What to eat in Chieti - Where to eat in Chieti


Chieti, the capital of the homonymous province of Abruzzo, belongs to a land that has always maintained a strong bond with tradition. Here you can taste products that derive from the pastoral traditions of the inland mountain areas of the region, as well as the maritime traditions of the coastal area. In the restaurants of Chieti you can choose from the many typical products of Abruzzo that have entered the collective imagination of the whole world. In particular, you can choose from among the first ones:

  • Guitar spaghetti (spaghetti alla chitarra): a type of egg pasta, produced using a characteristic wooden tool called the " guitar", and pressed with a rolling pin to form macaroni two or three millimetres wide.

  • The Sagne typical pasta, made of water, salt and flour, is made with the shape of a sagna, typical of Abruzzo, served with beans with tomato sauce or white sagna.

Tra i secondi:

  • La porchetta. Molti gli ambulanti che lungo le strade abruzzesi offrono a prezzi davvero abbordabili, panini con questa gustosa carne di maiale.

  • Gli arrosticini di pecora: piccoli pezzi di agnello tagliati a cubetti tenuti insieme da asticelle di legno, cotti sulla brace nella tradizionale fornacella. Un piatto povero che può essere gustato nei ristoranti a specialità carne, ma anche di molti ristoranti della costa e in quasi tutte le feste patronali.

  • Il famoso brodetto ‘alla vastese’, che unisce i frutti del mare e della terra, ovvero ortaggi e pesci cucinati interi, il tutto accompagnato da pane.

Between seconds:

  • The porchetta. Many itineraries along the streets of Abruzzo offer at very affordable prices, sandwiches with this tasty pork meat.

  • The sheep's roasting: small pieces of lamb cut into cubes held together by wooden roses, cooked on the embers in the traditional cooker. A poor dish that can be enjoyed in restaurants specializing in meat specialities, but also of many restaurants on the coast and in almost every patron saint's party.

  • The famous "brodetto alla vastese", which combines the fruits of the sea and land, that is vegetables and fish cooked whole, all accompanied by bread.

Among the desserts:

  • The Bocconotti, shortcrust pastry cakes filled with chocolate, honey, jam or custard, which are so good that they are eaten in one mouthful, from here, according to tradition, their name.

  • Le Sise delle Monache also called' Tre Monti', sweets formed by two layers of soft sponge cake, alternated by a layer of pastry cream. This cake owes its name to the poet Modesto Della Porta who, in seeing it, thought of a particular anatomical detail proper to the nuns, who, according to a legend, to hide their forms they used to put, at the breast of the clothes so as to show the shape of a third breast.

Nino Restaurant
In the center of Chieti, just a few steps from the main museums of the city "Nino Ristorante" has always been a fixed destination for all those who love good food and the pleasantness of a welcoming and refined environment. The care for the kitchen, with the emphasis on the quality and tradition of local cuisine, now renowned all over the world, is the restaurant's constant concern: fresh ingredients, the best meat and the continuous search for the best suppliers to give the best at the table!

Address: Viale Principessa di Piemonte, 7,66100 Chieti
Phone: 0871 63781

Restaurant Venturini di Chieti

Located in the old town centre in a former 17th century convent, where the present dining rooms were refectories while the cellars were stables. The restaurant is also equipped with outdoor tables to eat in summer. The cuisine is traditional Abruzzo, with dishes based on ancient local recipes. The restaurant Venturini di Chieti also offers....
Address: Via Cesare de Lollis, 10, Chieti
Phone: 0871 330663

Restaurant Golden fireplace in Chieti

It offers a pleasant and welcoming environment with classic furnishings, located in a strategic position between the city and the ring roads. The cuisine is typical of Abruzzo, specialized in fish dishes. The Ristorante Caminetto d' Oro di Chieti also has a good wine cellar, with a selection of local and regional labels.

Address: Via dei Frentani, 228,66100 Chieti
Phone: 0871 332614

Lime Tree Farmhouse

Exclusive local immersed in the green of the historic center, at the Villa Comunale di Chieti. An oasis of peace and greenery surrounded by English gardens and unmistakable nineteenth-century structure. In the restaurant you can sip a refreshing drink after a walk, but also a lunch or dinner immersed in monuments, fountains, landscaped gardens, characteristic corners.

Address: Piazzale Giuseppe Mazzini, 2,66100 Chieti
Phone: 0871 69509

Restaurant from Gilda
Typical restaurant in via Aterna opened since 1968. It offers excellent regional cuisine with grilled meat and fish cooking. The atmosphere is cosy, elegant and refined and the staff courteous and helpful.

Address: Via Aterno, 464,66100 Chieti
Phone: 0871 684157

Ambaradan Restaurant

It is located in via Padre Bernardo Valera. The menu offered is simple and fresh, the quality is excellent especially for the price and the cuisine is absolutely professional.
Address: Via valera, 8 - 66100 - Chieti
Phone: 0871.334973

Taverna Teate Restaurant

In the centre of Chieti, a cosy and familiar place where you can taste teatine specialities, together with pizzas and focaccia. There are also good desserts, typical and homemade.
Address: Via Federico Solomone, 26,66100 Chieti
Phone: 0871 349256



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