Where to eat in Siena - What to eat in Siena

Where to eat in Siena - What to eat in Siena


After having walked through the streets of Siena and having visited the wonders of the place, it is essential to stop in one of the many restaurants in the city to taste the typical Sienese dishes, which are another reason for intense pleasure. It is very difficult to be disappointed by Sienese cuisine: fresh ingredients and simple recipes are always a guarantee of excellent dishes. Sienese cuisine is famous for its refinement in the preparation of dishes of the ancient peasant tradition and here are some of the most typical of the area:


ANTIPASTI (appetizers): In addition to excellent cold cuts and cheeses, served with Tuscan bread and a selection of grilled vegetables, the most used Tuscan appetizer in Siena are the liver croutons made with freshly toasted homemade bread and seasoned with rabbit liver or chicken pate flavored with butter, saffron and other flavors. 


Not to be missed among the PRIMI PIATTI (First courses) are the pappardelle alla lepre


Another typical delight of the area of Siena are the Pici, large spaghetti made by hand that are served with different condiments such as with sauce with porcini mushrooms and black truffle. They were the typical poor dish of the farmers, being the ingredients limited to water and flour. The farmers were content to dress them with very little oil and onion, but they taste better with cheese and pepper, duck sauce, with sausage sauce and mushrooms or sausage, potatoes and beans, or with bread crumbs and garlic sauce.


Or you can opt for the classic Ribolitta, a peasant soup icon of Tuscan cuisine and offered in all restaurants and taverns of Siena accompanied by croutons flavored with olive oil and herbs. But it is a bit difficult to find places where you can taste the authentic one, because its preparation takes three days. On the first day a vegetable soup is prepared (eaten as it is) to which leftovers, on the second day, some pieces of bread are added and the whole is cut into pieces with the addition of thin slices of onion.


Finally, on the third day everything is boiled once again. The recipe for soup varies from area to area, but is always based on local products. The most important ingredient is black cabbage, whose leaves vary in colour, from a very dark green, to almost black, a typical product of the Tuscan territory.


Among the SECONDI PIATTI (Main Courses) typical of this territory, meat is a great protagonist of Sienese cuisine. Pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork pork with a sauce of sage, rosemary and garlic fried together, perfect with wine. Cut of beef served on a bed of rocket, tender and delicate flavor, which contrasts with the strong flavor of rocket.


Finally, there are many typical DOLCI (Sweets) to taste at the end of a meal with a good glass of passito or as an afternoon snack. Siena's panforte is a world-famous confectionery excellence. Originally it was a simple, very sweet focaccia, made with wheat flour and honey, called melatello or honeyed bread, enriched with fruit such as grapes and figs. When the heat was applied, the fruit fermented and assumed an acidulous taste, from which derives the name "panforte".


Later, to avoid fermentation, it was enriched with spices, which were expensive ingredients and then was consumed on solemn occasions or at the most sumptuous festivals. It was prepared in convents or in the shops of the apothecaries, the pharmacies of the past, the only places that dealt with spices essential to aromatizing and preserving food. Production began in September, when it was easier to recover almonds, and continued until the end of the year, to be consumed during the Christmas holidays.


Ricciarelli are similar sweets to marzipan, with the difference that the normal marzipan is produced with almonds, sugar and egg white, while in Ricciarelli we also find candied orange peel. The origin of the name 'ricciarello' is unknown but it is likely to refer to an ancient curled shape. The classic type is white, while the ricciarelli covered with chocolate frosting are recent and do not belong to the Sienese tradition.


And don't forget to accompany these excellent dishes with good wine and Siena offers a wide variety of wines of excellent quality: Chianti Classico or the hills of Siena and Brunello di Montalcino are among the best for lovers of red, while among the whites there are Vernaccia, Galestro and white virgin Valchiana. The end of the meal is the Moscatello or the Passito del Santo, with which the desserts of Siena are accompanied.


Restaurants in Siena

To get to know Siena, as well as visiting its artistic and natural beauty, you must sit at a table and enjoy the excellent Sienese cuisine, with typical dishes, for this reason it is essential to go to one of the many restaurants in the city.


Restaurant Gli Orti Di San Domenico
Viale Curtatone, 13 Siena SI - Tel: 0577 288234

The restaurant Gli Orti di San Domenico is located in the historic center of Siena opposite the Basilica of San Domenico, is an excellent reference point for traditional Tuscan cuisine. The soft colours, the welcoming and traditional atmosphere characterize the large rooms, the veranda and the summer garden. Here you can live a catering experience full of passion with obvious references to the Sienese tradition. The gastronomic attention is expressed by the research of raw materials, the care of the service and the creation of dishes that is completed by an excellent selection of wines.


La Taverna di San Giuseppe
Via Giovanni Duprè, 132 Siena SI - Tel: 0577 42286

The Taverna di San Giuseppe is a typical and exclusive restaurant located near Piazza del Campo, in the historic center of the city. A place where you can discover new sensations, where you can taste and appreciate the genuine foods and good wine offered by the Tuscan tradition, with a pinch of creativity and creativity. The cuisine is homemade, the pasta prepared by hand: ravioli, pici, pappardelle, as well as the ribollita in the old way and green dumplings with herbs with mint and tarragon. The second courses and side dishes are based on local products of the highest quality: the real Florentine Chianina meat, fillet in crust with porcini mushrooms and cut in good oil. These are just a few examples of the dishes offered on the menu that varies every twenty days according to the fresh products of the season.


Osteria La Sosta di Violante
Via Pantaneto, 115 Siena SI - Tel: 0577 43774

Near Piazza del Campo, La Sosta di Violante aims to offer its customers the taste of eating and drinking well rediscovering the typical Tuscan and Sienese cuisine, traditional but with some revisitation to offer new dishes and to experiment. Among the main dishes: pici with pork sauce, paccheri with gorgonzola and Cinta Senese sausage or, among the main courses, the cut of beef with oil with aromas, the beef morsels with red radicchio and the inevitable Florentine. All prepared with fresh and seasonal raw materials and especially with meat from local producers. The winery is proud of its important Italian wines suitable for all palates



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