How to get to Siena

How to get to Siena


Siena, the historic city of Tuscany, is situated in the heart of its region, between valleys and hills, in that typical Tuscan landscape known throughout the world. The city can be reached in different ways, the road remains the most comfortable and picturesque. By car, from Florence the city is about 75 km, from Pisa and its airport about 126 km, from Grosseto about 80 km and from Arezzo about 90 km.

By train, being equipped with two railway stations, it can be reached in about 2 hours and a half, with change mainly in Empoli. Let's see in particular useful information on how to reach Siena by car, plane, train.

Reach Siena by car

Siena is connected to all major road communications routes, such as the Autostrada del Sole through the Florence-Siena (Firenze Certosa and Valdichiana tollbooths). If you come from southern Italy, you can take the Autostrada del Sole Napoli-Milan (via Valdichiana-Bettolle-Sinalunga). Alternatively, the SS Cassia (which connects Florence and Rome), for Chiusi - Chianciano Terme, preferring a more scenic route. Siena is also reachable from the SS 223 (Paganico) from Grosseto and also the SS 73 (Senese Aretina), which connects to the territory of Arezzo (including Sansepolcro) and which is one of the most important communication routes between the Maremma coast and the inland areas of Tuscany. Those arriving from Northern Italy, must arrive at Firenze Certosa and take the Florence-Siena connection. Siena's urban system is served by the West Ring Road (to and from the city centre).

From Pisa airport, Siena can be reached in just under 2 hours, through the SGC (Strada di Grande Comunicazione) Florence - Pisa - Livorno (also known as FI-PI-LI) and / or to the Florence - Siena motorway link (122-135 km). The shortest option could be the FI-PI-LI in the direction of Empoli and then the Florence-Siena motorway junction at Poggibonsi, to the Val d'Elsa and then to Siena.

From Florence Airport Siena airport can be reached through the SGC Florence-Pisa-Livorno from the Viaduct of the Bridge to the Indian (Viadotto all'Indiano), a bridge that connects Florence to the districts of Peretola (north of the Arno) and Isolotto (south of the Arno). From here you can reach the Florence-Siena motorway junction and continue towards the Apollinare road in Siena.

Reach Siena by plane

In Siena we find the small airport of Siena-Ampugnano (SAY), located about 15 km from the city (town Sovicille). At the moment the airport is not served by ordinary airlines, but only by charter and private flights. The most convenient flight options at the moment are those of the Florence and Pisa airports, respectively 70 km and 122 km away.
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Reach Siena by train

Siena has two railway stations, the first is the central one, the second refers to the Industrial Zone. The railway network connects to Chiusi (south) and to Empoli and Florence (north). With Grosseto it is connected by the Siena-Monte Antico-Grosseto line. For those arriving from Pisa airport, Siena can be reached by train with a change to Empoli. For those arriving from Florence airport, Siena can be reached by train with a change to Empoli or by direct train to Siena, from Florence Santa Maria Novella station.



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