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Where to park in Assisi

The historical centre of Assisi (the area within the perimeter of the ancient walls) is a limited traffic zone (ZTL). It is therefore necessary to be careful not to enter without permission in the historic center where it is very likely otherwise take a fine. Non-resident visitors therefore have various restrictions on transit and parking.


Itinerari AssisiThey can make the stop / transit only when booked at a hotel but only for loading / unloading luggage, in case of limited mobility during special events (such as a wedding) and when dictated by municipal regulations. From Friday to Sunday there is also a shuttle service (electric), offered free to tourists (and citizens) who move from the parking lots to the historic center (the service will be active from 9:40 to 18:00, every 30 minutes and will connect all parking between them and between them and the historic center).

The parking lots in Assisi are as follows:

Parking Mojano - Assisi

Location Mojano

06081 Assisi PG

Tel +39 075 8129 08

Type: In structure (three basement floors)

Parking spaces: 299 of which for disabled people: 6

Open 24h. Paying

Allowed access to campers and caravans: no

Van seats: yes, with height less than 2.10 m

Located not far from the historic center and ideal for reaching the areas of the Basilica of Santa Chiara (which is 100 meters) and Piazza del Comune. Three floors, underground, with external path and escalators to and from the Basilica. Equipped with bar service, fast food and shops, toilets.

Parking A - Piazza Giovanni Paolo II - Assisi

John Paul II Square

Assisi - 06081

Tel: +39 075/8155225

Saba Parking lots

Open 24h. Paying. Paying

Structure and satin

Max height m 2,05

Parking spaces: 265 of which disabled: 5

Services for motor homes and caravans: to be confirmed

Bus places: 10 Motorbike places: yes

Van seats: yes (height less than 2.05 m)

Take the ramp that leads to Porta San Francesco and go up towards Piazza Inferiore.

Parking Porta Nuova - Assisi

Piazza Porta Nuova snc

Assisi - 06081

Tel: +39 075/813707

Saba Parking lots

Typology: In external structure

Open 24h. Parking spaces: 219 of which for disabled people: 5.

Parking spaces: 219 of which for the disabled: 5

Access allowed to campers and caravans: yes

Bus places: 20

Parking Piazza Matteotti

Piazza Matteotti snc

Assisi - 06081

Tel: +39 075/815164

Saba Parking lots

Typology: structure and satin

Open 24 h - Paying

Max. height m 2.05 (no height restriction on the surface)

Parking spaces: 390 of which for disabled people: 8

Allowed access to campers and caravans: no

Van seats: yes, with height less than 2.05 m

Free parking in Assisi

San Francesco Porta San Giacomo, Parking at the cemetery Viale Albornoz (free but out of the way), 200 parking spaces or free municipal parking near Porta S. Giacomo - Via F. Francisco Remon Jativa and nearby Via Ponte dei Galli, 1A, 06081 Assisi PG
Free parking of Santa Maria degli Angeli (then take the shuttle bus to Assisi)


Parking Madonna dell'Olivo
Via Madonna dell'Olivo, 59, 06081 Assisi PG
For campers we recommend the Porta Mojano car park - Porta San Pietro car park, Piazza Unità d'Italia with fee - Borgo Aretino, Porta Nuova with fee - In Via Cardinale Albornoz with free stop - In Ponte San Vetturino with free stop

Useful numbers Assisi:
Municipal Police: Tel. 075812820

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