Where to Park in Pistoia

Where to Park in Pistoia


Pistoia is an urban city with a well-defined old town centre, ancient and rich in monuments. It was chosen in 2017 as the Italian Capital of Culture. In front of us, it appears a city on a human scale, halfway between Florence and Lucca, seductive and silent, as Gabriele D'Annunzio described it in his "The city of Silence: Pistoia". And it is a silence that still remains today in the streets of the centre, thanks to the mostly pedestrian and cycle track.

Visiting Pistoia is easy, even for those who decide to use the car, thanks to a good number of parking lots and an efficient urban transport system, which, however small, can well provide urban users. Outside the city is connected to the national highway network toll booth on the A11 (Florence - Florence - Florence-Mare - Pisa North) thanks to the SS716 - Pistoia Motorway junction.

The historic centre of Pistoia is ZTL (Limited Traffic Area).

In Pistoia there is also the Park&Bus, a service that allows you to take advantage of so-called free parking exchanges, which use the exchange between car and shuttle bus to the city center, at a daily cost of € 1.20 (valid for the whole day).

Below is a list of the city's car parks, highlighting those that are free of charge from those for a fee.

Free parking in Pistoia
Parking Cellini
(364 parking spaces)

West of the city. Open from 07.00 to 20.00, with Park&Bus service, that is with shuttle to and from the centre; you can also take the M-il Micco line for the return to the car park. The distance, about 850 meters, is also walkable passing next to the Fortress of Santa Barbara and Piazza d'Armi and entering the historic center from the intersection of Via Porta Carratica, between the ancient streets of the city (we recommend Corso Silvano Fedi, and stop at the Marino Marino Documentation Center for example).

Parking Stadium
(253 parking spaces)
North of the old town centre, about 1.3 km away. The entrance to the parking lot is in via delle Olimpiadi crossroad Viale Marini Marino, near the municipal stadium. It is open on weekdays, from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm and served with the centre by Park&Bus line 1 and M-Il Micco line. 

Parking Pertini 2
(75 parking spaces)
Southwest of the city. Entrance from via Pertini, located between Viale Pacinotti and via Ciliegiole, next to the University Pole and the San Giorgio Library. Bus lines 15 Park&Bus (stop in Via Pertini, at the San Giorgio Library) limited to the section between Porta San Marco and Porta Lucchese. In the area you will also see other parking lots, including the San Giorgio car park, which is paid for, and the University parking lot, which we see below. A few hundred metres to the east and you reach the train station of Pistoia, between Via Pertini and Via XX Settembre. 

Parking Library - University
(68 parking spaces)
With entrance from via Pertini, next to Pertini 2.

Parking West Pistoia
(97 parking spaces)
With entrance from via dei Panconi. Located west of the centre of Pistoia, about 1.8 km, in a street parallel to Viale Adua, not far from the INPS area. Park&Bus line 3 or walking about 22 minutes.

Parcheggi a pagamento a Pistoia

Altri parcheggi presenti a Pistoia, a pagamento nei giorni feriali e il sabato dalle 8.30 alle 20.00 e gratuiti nei giorni festivi e tutti le notti, dalle 20.00 della sera alle 08.30 del giorno successivo feriale. Sono inoltre sempre gratuiti per veicoli elettrici, ibridi e con contrassegno disabili.

Vengono suddivisi in settori, contrassegnati da un colore differente:

Settore marrone: tariffa giornaliera di €2 euro/giorno, frazionabili in 1 euro dalle 8.30 alle 15.00 e 1 euro dalle 15.00 alle 20.00. Sono disponibili anche abbonamenti mensili.

Parcheggio Cavallotti

(163 posti auto) ingresso da via Cavallotti

Parcheggio Pertini

(313 posti auto) ingresso da viale Pacinotti

Parcheggio San Giorgio

(235 posti auto) ingresso da via Ciliegiole

Parcheggio Area Ceppo

(204 posti auto)  ingresso da via Matteotti. Ospedale.

Settore blu: tariffa giornaliera di €1 euro/ora senza limite di tempo di stazionamento dalle 08.30 alle 20.00. Sono disponibili abbonamenti mensili.

Parcheggio Antonini

(30 posti auto) ingresso da via Antonini

Parcheggio Coppedè

(70 posti auto) ingresso da via Pacinotti

Parcheggio Manzoni

(52 posti auto) ingresso da via della Vigna

Parcheggio Porta al Borgo

(150 posti auto) ingresso da via di Porta al Borgo – piazza S. Francesco

Parcheggio Resistenza

(68 posti auto) ingresso da piazza della Resistenza

Parcheggio San Lorenzo

(39 posti auto) ingresso da piazza San Lorenzo


Parking Fedi - Auditorium
(150 parking spaces)
With entrance from via dei Panconi to Via Iacopo Melani - Auditorium (adjacent swimming pool S. Fedi). Parking next to the previous one, that of Pistoia-West. Open 24 hours.

Pay Parking lots in Pistoia

Other parking spaces available in Pistoia, for a fee on weekdays and Saturdays from 8.30 am to 8.00 pm and free of charge on public holidays and every night, from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm on the following working day. They are also always free of charge for electric, hybrid and disabled vehicles.

They are divided into sectors, marked by a different colour:

Brown sector: daily rate of €2 euro/day, split into 1 euro from 8.30 to 15.00 and 1 euro from 15.00 to 20.00. Monthly subscriptions are also available.

Parking Cavallotti
(163 parking spaces) Entrance from via Cavallotti

Parking Pertini
(313 parking spaces) entrance from Viale Pacinotti

Parking San Giorgio
(235 parking spaces) Entrance from via Ciliegiole

Parking Area Ceppo area
(204 parking spaces) entrance from via Matteotti. Hospital.
Blue sector: daily rate of €1 euro per hour without parking time limit from 08.30 to 20.00. Monthly subscriptions are available.

Parking Antonini
(30 parking spaces) Entrance from via Antonini

Coppedè Parking
(70 parking spaces) Entrance from via Pacinotti

Manzoni Parking
(52 parking spaces) entrance from via della Vigna

Parking Door to the Village
(150 parking spaces) entrance from via di Porta al Borgo - piazza S. Francesco

Parking Resistance
(68 parking spaces) entrance from piazza della resistance square

Parking San Lorenzo
(39 parking spaces) entrance from Piazza San Lorenzo



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