Guided tour in English of Pistoia

Guided tour in English of Pistoia


Imagine your arrival in Pistoia, imagine that you can discover it with someone who knows it very well, who takes you around to visit the best of the city. Having a local guide is a great advantage, especially if you have little time, if you want to get to know a particular museum, for example, rather than the history of the city or a monument. Spending half a day or a full day with a guide means seeing three times as much as you could see yourself. In addition, it is not to be overlooked the fact that the local guide can recommend where to eat without spending too much, where to go shopping, where to buy tickets... Often what you spend to see more interestingly and completely the city is rewarded by what you can save money thanks to the advice of the guide, in addition to the time that you save yourself without going empty.

If you like the idea of not being alone in exploring this beautiful city, please fill out the form below, we will contact you within 24 hours. You will agree with the guide on fares and timetables. The guide will provide you with an estimate directly by e-mail or text message.

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