Roman temples of Chieti

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Roman temples of Chieti


In the homonymous square of Chieti (Piazza dei Templi Romani) there is another interesting archaeological area of the city, that of the Roman Temples of the Giulio-Claudia period. Three small temples probably dedicated to the cult of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The Temples currently visible date back to the 3rd century BC. although the area on which they were built was worshiped in the V-IV century BC.


Templi romanid di ChietiThis is the oldest place of worship of Chieti. The first two temples have cell with pronaos and crypt, while the last one is composed only of cell and crypt. Some elements suggest that they were built in the Roman period, including: the concrete walls of the first and second temple and the use of opus reticolatum. The third temple appears later in the third century when a Roman colony was established in Theate and it became necessary to build a chapterum with three traditional divinities: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.


In the second temple compartment there is a 38-metre well. Coins, sculptural fragments, busts, burial stones and inscriptions have been preserved in the vaults and crypts. The front of the three temples is facing southeast, that is to say towards the ancient forum. Anciently there was also a fourth temple now replaced by the post office building. The building was rectangular in shape, of which only part of the cell can be admired in opus mixtum with the remains of the marble slab floor.

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