Guinigi Tower Lucca

Guinigi Tower  

The unmissable Guinigi Tower, with its oak trees growing out of the top, is one of the most striking sights in the city. Built of stone and brick and 45 meters high, it is located between the privately owned medieval towers; it is the only survivor of the city’s sixteenth century architecture, when all the towers were torn down or damaged. The Tower stands at the corner of Via Sant'Andrea and Via delle Chiavi D'Oro and is undoubtedly one of the strangest and unmistakable sights of Lucca.

Il Volto Santo a Lucca Adjacent to it is a fourteenth century building, named after its owners Michele and Francesco Guinigi, rich merchants and bankers of Lucca. This type of tower was designed to highlight the importance of the family owner, as well for defensive purposes. From the top they could throw or propel projectiles towards rival families or fellow citizens and/or their property nearby. Built closely around the towers were houses for the members of the family’s coterie, often with their own parish church. The entire complex, as is evident in this street, served as a compact urban retreat, whose narrow streets could easily be barricaded and defended. The great artist and Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, compared the Guinigi Tower’s beauty to several other notable Italian towers "The Guinigi here, Verona and the bell tower, and St. Mark's are all extremely beautiful."

Torre GuinigiOver time the tower, along with the city walls, has become a distinctive symbol of Lucca. With 230 steps, the panorama is worth the small effort; from here you will have views of the city, the Apuan Alps in the distance and the distinctive circular outline of the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro.

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