Where to Park in Lucca

Where to Park in Lucca - Parking in Lucca


Before explaining how to park in Lucca, let's make a premise for those who do not know the city. The historic center of Lucca is one of the few Italian centers still surrounded by walls (of the fifteenth and fifteenth century); a city first Roman, then capital of a small independent state until 1846 that developed over the centuries, as well as most Italian cities of medieval town planning, for a traffic that could not foresee cars.

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We tell you this because, although there are some car parks in the center, sometimes it is preferable to leave your car in the parking lots immediately next to the walls and from there, once you have crossed one of the five gates of the city enter and discover Lucca. Only residents can drive in most of the city centre.

For visitors there are the following options:

1) If you want to park within the city enter through one of the doors, and find a parking space nearby. You need to park in a space marked with blue lines, those with yellow lines are only for residents, and you can not enter the streets that are part of the Limited Traffic Areas (ZTLs), marked by signs with a red round circle on a white circle. These areas are often also guarded by cameras and if it is almost certain to take a fine, so be careful.

Finding room in the blue paid stalls is easier (as is normal) in the early morning or on off-season days. The cost of parking varies from 50 cents to 1 euro per hour. The places in the centre where it is easier to find parking in the blue stalls are near Porta Santa Anna and Porta Santa Maria. There are also parking lots with smaller blue stalls near (always within the walls) at Porta Sant'Anna and Porta Elisa.

The Carducci car park, covered, is the largest parking lot within the walls. It is easy to find, turning right immediately after entering Porta Elisa.

2) Parking outside the city walls is easier and cheaper. 20 to 50 cents per hour. There are blue stalls around most of the walls in the south and near the station. More and more close to the station there is a large outdoor parking lot (a little more expensive).

3) Free parking spaces

If you have to stay in Lucca for some time it is worthwhile to take advantage of the free car parks (white demos) that are located in the area of the former hospital (now the hospital is located in the area of San Luca) and in Borgo Giannotti. These car parks, in addition to saving you money, are still quite close to the old town centre (10-15 minutes from the walls). If you have suitcases, you can enter the centre for as long as necessary to download them and then park in the free stalls. You can also go directly with your suitcases in the city centre from the free parking spaces using a bus that will take you directly to where you want to go. The ticket costs at the moment 1.20 Euro is 70 minutes long; you can also buy it directly on board, but it costs more (2 euros).

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