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Ebook about Lucca  


Visiting Lucca with us (in more than 170 pages!) is like taking a trip in a time machine, travelling back into the past to experience the beauty of its incredible architecture, the result of centuries-old wealth created by bankers and silk merchants alike. When you arrive in the city, the first sight to greet is the enormous city walls (Mura), a famous image on many postcards and websites about the city...


  1. Ebook di LuccaAn overview of Lucca

  2. What to see and do

  3. History lovers

  4. Best attractions

  5. Historical figueres of Lucca

  6. Giacomo Puccini

  7. Lucca's traditions

  8. Gourmet eating in Lucca

  9. Shoppers

  10. Curiosites and local legends

  11. Practical Information

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