Elementary School Lucca


Lucca - Kindergarten - Elementary School  




Lucca asiloIn Lucca families have the opportunity to raise their children in a peaceful  English-speaking environment. There are several Bilingual schools,  authorized and accredited by the city of Lucca, which specializes in the education of children  in an  environment where socialization and learning take place in English too. 




B School Bilingual

The Bilingual School of Lucca

Via Matteo Civitali, 178, Lucca tel. 0583 491026



Istituto Mimosa

Viale Castruccio Castracani, 374, 55100 Lucca Tel. 0583 462019



Il Cucciolo
Viale  San Concordio 81 - 55100 Lucca tel/fax 0583 587484




Not Bilingual

Scuola Materna Cattolica Leone XII

Via San Nicolao 42 Lucca tel/fax 0583 494028


Scuola Materna Don Aldo Mei
Viale Castracani 435 55100 Lucca LU

Scuola Materna Maria Immacolata
Via della Chiesa 337 (Santa Maria a Colle) tel/fax 0583 59337

Scuola Materna Sacro Cuore
Via San Marco 589 (San Marco Lucca) 55100 Lucca LU

Scuola Materna San Giovanni Bosco
Via delle Gavine 132/A (San Macario in Piano) tel/fax 0583 59476






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